What are organizational skills? Organizational skills help create structure and order and increase your productivity. You can create schedules and timelines to follow that will help you prioritize what needs to be done first. Why do you need organization in the workplace? Organization can help with personal and group work efficiency. Keeping organized reduces the possibility of procrastination, clutter, and inefficiency. How are you going to be able to work from home? Working from home has become common throughout the pandemic and having to keep yourself organized is what every worker has to figure out. Digitally, working from home is supported by the number of applications that can be used to keep track of your work and what you are to do on any given day. Working from home is more difficult than working in an office, as there are more personal distractions while working remotely.

Organizational Skills Needed

There are many organizational skills you are going to need when returning to an in-person job and there is less room for error when working in close proximity to your coworkers. Teamwork is key to great organization in the workplace. Being able to directly interact with one another means that all parties involved have to be on the same page. Keeping timelines and giving ease of access to all information involved in a project can keep you and your coworkers on the same track. Your workspace is your responsibility. Keeping it neat and tidy means that you can easily keep track of any and all information you choose to keep at hand. Whether you keep it that way can mean increasing your work efficiency and reducing the possibility of procrastination in the workplace.

Digital Organization

Dealing with the digital aspect of working from home has become probably one of the easiest things to do due to the number of ways we can keep in contact with our coworkers. With applications such as Slack, Basecamp, Zoom, Skype, Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, and many others, we can directly contact everyone, share information, or have a meeting with ease. Slack is a program where you can easily communicate and share your work progress with ease. Zoom has seen a recent rise to the top during the pandemic because it is an easy way to schedule and attend video meetings from home. Skype is a bit older and not used as often but is still used as a video meeting program, and has a decent chat function that can be used when needed. Microsoft Teams is a free Microsoft application that also allows your company to have video meetings and chats from anywhere. This has become one of the more popular video meeting applications to use in any business setting. Google Workspace is one of the most important programs to use as someone who works from home. Google Workspace provides you with all of the same programs as Microsoft Office, but free. Google Workspace also includes Google Drive, which is a file-sharing service provided by Google. These applications help us all who are working from home to keep organized and share our work with ease with others who are involved in our projects.

Working From Home

Working from home can prove to be one of the most tasking and challenging things we can do during this pandemic. Staying focused in a place where you would have gone to escape, work is proving to be a difficult task because now you have to work in the same place you went to relax after a hard day. Your house, your new workspace, can be very distracting. Whether it is your family making noise in the background or your cat walking across your keyboard, you have a plethora of distractions that you have to try to avoid. Some helpful tips would include silencing your cell phone so you are not distracted by notifications. You can move your pet to another room so they do not interrupt your workflow. Set rules with your family to potentially keep the noise to a minimum. Remove any distracting objects from your desk. There are a lot of distractions in a household, you just have to figure out a way to manage them.

Having strong organizational skills at your home office will help you finish your work quickly and without any possible interruptions. Procrastination can lead to the possible loss of a job if done too frequently. Getting rid of distractions will increase your efficiency, motivating you to continue your work without issue. Utilizing applications to help you work from home is an easy way to keep you organized and work with your coworkers without seeing them in person. Working from home has an increase in distractions and finding a way to work through them. Having strong organizational skills can decrease your distractions and increase your work efficiency. 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